Monday, December 16, 2013

the PINK SNOWFLAKES head guy Andrew at ZAPOW! Getting Heady...

Andrew of the Pink Snowflakes landed in Asheville North Carolina to absorb some of the
creativity and uniqueness surrounding this funky little mountain town. Asheville is a vortex lying in the Blue Ridge mountains of the south western appalatians. He talks about Art, Sign Painting, playing really loud psychedelic rock and other fun stuff on a podcast called "Illustration and a Beer" The gallery has his Artwork and host some of the best surreal, psychedelic and rock and roll art around. In front of him is the original drawing for a Modest Mouse Ep along with tons of poster art. Andrew explains why keeping old school art practices is important and why he's drawn to painting monkeys!
Go to:
Pink Snowflakes is the title!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Pink Snowflakes: Life in Exile

EXILED to the PLANET out digitally sept. 9th

Portland Oregon's Pink Snowflakes release their 11 tracks of experimental psychedelic rock after a long winded delay. Daze, ..weeks, years! It all seemed like it was bound to nail the coffin shut. It all sounded like an eternity. The Pink Snowflakes sharpened their teeth and dug their claws in the studio, maybe went a little wild, a little bat shit. A bit compulsive. The followup to Sun Chasing is going to leave you spell bound.
“EXILED to the PLANET” is a much darker twisted progressive psychedelic offering up of quasi religious mantras, echoes, fuzz, sirens, growls, obvious spaced out jams in a tighter, more organic feeling album. The songs angular nouveau and kraut rock like grooves take you on a mind trip through the fertile imagination of Andrew Rossi's cosmic scenario. Ancient civilizations gone terribly wrong and buried only to be discovered by their own race of time traveled scientists wondering what the hell happened and how they can change it all. Its a bold statement. Its an odd album. Its equally soothing, melodic, exploratory and heavy in its floydish undertones, instrumental pieces and echoes-like screams and screaches.
“EXILED to the PLANET” could be conceptual in its varied abstract representations of songwriting and what a semi-known psych rock band from the west coast can do when they want to make a crazy rock album..rock!

Check out EXILED to the PLANETs track listing!

1. Too much Strasbourg pie (intro) ….......................2:00
2. Gods of Sound …......................5:17
3. Ice Path to the Uranium Mind Pts. I and II ….......7:21
4. Peace and Radiation …......................7:46
5. She's the Planet / I'm Dying... ….....................3:16
6. Transmigration of the Spaceman March …...........4:08
7. Vampire at the Shoegazers Ball …......................5:30
8. We were Holograms ….....................4:42
9. Sand Swept Lines …......................3:43
10. We made Machines / When the snow fell ….........9:45
11. Exiled / Time will come to run …......................5:17


The Pink Snowflakes made a new album after an almost three year break due to unforeseeable circumstances that almost shelved the band for good. The album titled EXILED to the PLANET is the odd, off balanced, destined to be mind blowing followup to their first Lp SUN CHASING. Their latest album firstly recorded in the late fall of
2009 contains tracks the band never had a chance to record when the band was approached by Revolver studios in Portland. Soon after the first few tracks were down, the the Pink Snowflakes added more and more ideas taped field recordings and psychedelic Prog and Kraut Rock jams the band was exploring pretty heavily. After playing of a loose concept of a doomed terrestrial race mining and discovering uranium and plutonium, head songwriter Andrew Rossi started careening his songs to fit the story to be unfolded.
“Some off these songs were ones I showed the band and we played live for quite a while with my co writer lead guitarist since late 2005 Tom helping me out before he had to leave us after a crazy tour in 09” “ One in particular , “We Were Holograms” was played live once with a previous lineup years ago then we forgot about it. Scott Mj and I finally went in and put the finishing touches on it with Scotts weird drumming. The song made sense for the album” “She's the Planet” was another
one we were kicking around ideas with when we were on a tour. I wrote the lyrics for that song all in one night. Those words just appeared out of nowhere in my head.”
A planetary “we must do something” theme runs throughout Exiled to the Planet on almost every track. With the dawn of 2012, the Pink Snowflakes looked to get their efforts out as soon as possible to feed the frenzy of possible mass hysteria but alas, it was over. The date came and went just as the Pink Snowflakes were finishing up
their tedious drawn out mixing sessions with Johnathan Drews, a recording and mixing engineer and member of one of Portlands best seminal quirky sunshine power pop bands Sunset Valley. J Drews also works with Robert Pollards solo project Boston Spaceships and was the perfect person to realize the Pink Snowflakes pop sensibility and their hallucinogenic mind trip music.
“We wanted to make the drums huge on some songs and not so much on others. In fact, we didn't want to have words for some. Mostly a thought out jam. We even attempted to not use our guitars to make sound and noise samples but use this megaphone they had in the studio and run some stuff through that!” “I recorded myself running up and down a gymnasium floor to test acoustics..we wound up using that too.”

The Pink Snowflakes onslaught of heavier tribal percussion, operatic falsetto siren wails and open sonic experimentation with recording and mixing makes Exiled to the Planet a psychedelic rock album with grit and balls. “Just by hearing it you can tell there was a lot of ideas and chances taken that we thought we should do that we didn't know exactly how to do because we weren't taking expectations from anybody too seriously.” “ We made something however, we wanted to
listen to and realize just why we did it and what the hell we did that for.”
Exiled to the Planet is truly a sprawling psychedelic infused Prog like indie album that keeps you wondering what's the next step for the Pink Snowflakes? The band doesn't want to know.

"I'll continue doing this stuff wherever I'm at and however long it takes, is fine." "your just participating in creating some weird memories for yourself and others who stumble along your art."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the Pink Snowflakes are now on Soundcloud

Since the Pink Snowflakes are actively seeking out their label to help with Exiled to the Planet (12 tracks including 4 instrumental pieces and practice outtakes) , they uploaded 3 tracks to Souncloud from their CD comp Exiled Exhaled. Go to:
The track She's the Planet is available for download. If you want it all to your self on recycled colored vinyl with a cool byrds cover B side, dont hesitate to send a line to: or write to: the Pink Snowflakes co/Andrew rossi 2702 se clinton st. portland oregon, 97202

Thursday, July 28, 2011

EXILED EXHALED is the new 4 song CD sampler!!

A VERY LIMITED QUANTITY OF CD SAMPLERS are ready to be sent out to whoever is ready to help the Pink Snowflakes get their sound to the proper places. The four tracks and killer artwork is on a single sleeve and is a taste of what the Pink Snowflakes are capable of creating. The sampler starts off with a rumbling space odyssey titled Gods of Sound along with their first single She's the Planet which is also recorded to vinyl. The other two tracks are quite impressive and take you further than you thought with We were Holograms and We made Machines/ When the snow fell. Exiled Exhaled was slapped together by the Pink Snowflakes and mixed by Johnathan Drews of Sunset Valley and Boston Spaceships in Portland.
The CD Sample offers a glimpse into the wide strange world of the Pink Snowflakes as they come to grips with universal issues and planetary common sense. Exiled Exhaled is not for sale as of yet but will be distributed to radio and various places soon! The Pink Snowflakes are looking for some help to complete their 2nd offering "Exiled to the Planet" as it is promised to be quite the trip.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HEAR the single SHE's the PLANET for free!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the Pink Snowflakes know what time it is ! ( PSychic Delic )


Hey there!
This is to inform you that a real website is in the works and this here blog is to let you know about the latest doings and releases by the Pink Snowflakes of portland Oregon.

NEW VINYL and Digital RELEASE!! 

The band has been busy working on their mixes for the new release, "Exiled to the Planet" by Lick-able Sunshine Music due sometime this spring/summer. An album of psychedelic heavy pop and rock nuggets that has been inspired by moments listening to the experimentational Notorious Byrd bros album, late 70's prog rock, Pink Floyd, Heavy Hawkwind, Neu and  even Shoegase.  In the meantime, they have a 7 inch vinyl record with a great classic era B side song "You dont miss yer water" which has been covered by many artists including Brian Eno, Otis Redding and the Byrds that sounds like no other! The title of the record is called "You dont miss yer Planet" printed on 100% recycled plastics, soy based inks and paper. It is the single for the Pink Snowflakes latest track "She's the Planet"  This heavy hitting track is pure acid pop a delic rock as it is also a tad of an eco conciousness ballad. The Pink Snowflakes know what time it is these days. Its time to wake the fuck up and do something..anything. Don't eat so much fried chicken or Its a groovy day, get on your bike!.  Bring your own bags to the grocery use things. Dont send so much garbage bullshit to the landfills..they are already overflown. Things are never what they seem to be. The planet is in survival mode and needs our help. The Pink Snowflakes have taken their heady ideas and music in that sorted direction of hippie era balladeers, acid casual poets, cosmic conciousness and searching for their own answers to the human species timeless puzzles through storys of isolation, death and re birth.

The artwork for "You dont miss yer Planet" was created by Micheal Woodis (psychonotart) with a few enhancements by Andrew Rossi of the Snowflakes. Here is a quick design mock up for the album cover by MJ before Andrew added a few things and MJ finished everything up. The planet is in peril of a hidden matrix or magic that needs to be broken. Long before, the patriarchy based everything on conquest and control. The planets energy is feminine by nature and its all out of balance and she's pissed. She's been pissed before. Theres hidden cycles or timelines in the sky. Psychonaughts come out to play. Everybody has sung this song one way or another before who cares..-a
You dont miss yer planet like you don't miss your water is an ode to realizing what you have before its all gone. She is a girl who's dying all the time.
A very psychedelic thing if your looking for it.